Google My Business New Program to Help Businesses

Google My Business New Program to Help Businesses Press Release (Free Book Download)

Google rolled out a new program to help business owners with their Marketing in July of 2018.

Paul Fussell the author of his new book Google My Business, has laid out how business owners can take advantage of this new program to get more customer, phone calls, and ultimately more sales.

Using GMB marketing for small business ensures that customers find a business easily and more importantly first.


Google My Business

Pro Biz Marketing and consultant is showing business owners how they can make their business relevant and easy to find with smart search engine marketing (SEM) by using Google’s new program Google My Business.

This effective New strategy using GMB and search engine optimization, does not include the traditional type marketing most are use to. No pay-per-click advertising (PPC), No FB ads, or back links to a business website.

“To grow their revenues consistently, get more calls, more sales, more clients, owners and CEOs must employ modern marketing tools and technology Google provides for small business, that are beyond their areas of expertise,” says Jennifer Mazzanti,CEO, eMazzanti Technologies. Partnering with a digital marketing expert like Pro Biz Marketing is the most effective use of business marketing dollars.

“Search engine marketing for small business (SEM) with Google’s new Mobile First program combined with the GMB tools, the online marketing strategy that focuses on a deliberate, well-crafted approach to bringing customers to your website through search engines. Ranking doesn’t matter anymore when you let Google show your business to the local customers, over their competition. Less expensive than offline marketing, GMB protects and expands your digital presence, targeting customers precisely when they are searching for the type of services you provide. Google’s program doesn’t cost the small business a dime.”

Google My Business for Small Business should be the core of today’s online marketing:

“It use to be, as search engines have evolved over the years, effective SEM has also evolved,” Mazzanti says. “The sheer volume of links to your website matters less than the quality of the links. In other words, the sites that link to your website should be relevant to your business and respected in the industry. But not anymore, ranking doesn’t matter with GMB program. Google is rewarding those businesses that are active and use the Mobile First GMB program, by serving them up as the preferred listing over the competition.”

Google says that almost 80% of the searches online are now done on a mobile device. So Google knows where everyone is from the GPS in every device, and then serves up the closest business to that person searching for the business, service, or product. Mazzanti says, “Branding is another important part of marketing with Google, if you are not online and have an online presence with social media, then why should Google show your website over the competition that does, is the question we ask.”

Pro Biz shows its clients how to take advantage of their Branded Social Media Network to acquire “social engagement”, the number one metric Google uses to rank anything on the web. Combined with the GMB Mobile first program, these three elements are lethal to the competition when it comes to marketing and getting the phone to ring and more customers coming through the doors of their stores.

The new search engine marketing with GMB is an essential component of a well-considered growth strategy that enables a business to put its marketing dollars to work in a targeted way to effectively convert web traffic to increased sales.

“The bottom line is, if you want a website, a business, a service, or a product to be seen online, Do it thru Google My Business. It’s the New SEO for businesses,” Mazzanti says.

To find out more about the GMB program and marketing small business, contact Pro Biz Marketing and Consultant at their website or Click on their GMB and give them a call to set up an appointment.

If you would like to read his new book on the new cutting edge program from Google My Business, down load it for FREE on March 24th and 25th. Click the link to download the Free book

Make your website Great again, Small Business Optimism Skyrocketing

Make your website Great again, Small Business Optimism Skyrocketing

Are You ready for the New Small Business Success that the Government is forecasting?

Can Your prospects or customers find Your website on Google?

Is your website on page one of Google?

If you answered no to any of the questions, watch this short video that will turn your “no” answer into a YES!


These are the headlines of major Networks

Small business owners haven’t felt this good about their future for a long time. CNN reports.

“Small business owners haven’t felt this good about their future for a long time.”

“Small Business Optimism Skyrocketed in December.”  Adviser Perspective reports.

Small business optimism rocketed to its highest level since 2004

Small-business optimism soars after election, CNBC reports.

Optimism on Main Street continues to soar in the wake of the election of the President. The National Federation of Independent Business’ read on small-business sentiment for December hit its highest level since 2004,


Business Optimism Soars into New Year. Fox Business

U.S. companies are preparing to invest again after years on the sidelines, and rising interest rates are unlikely to impede them.

Small Business Optimism Skyrockets As The President Takes Office,

Reported by Small Business Trends.

“We haven’t seen numbers like this in a long time,”


So why am I sending this to you? These are headlines across America showing that Small Business is about to explode again.

Your competitor is now gearing up to dominate the market! The era of suppressing small business is over. The President is in the process of lifting the burden of regulations and hindrances for Small Business to bring back the economy and jobs.

Its Time to make your business website great again. Things have change dramatically online, and if you haven’t kept up with all the changes you could be left behind and your competition will get the customers you can have.

I’ve recorded a video to show you what you need to dominate the search results for your business, product, or service. THERE IS NOTHING TO BUY! Just free information on how to get more customers, client, or sales.