Branded Networks
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Branded Social Media Network

  • One Branded Social Network, linked to your website. A social media network consist of between 15 and 25 social media platforms/accounts, branded with your company, that is a digital asset. This is one of the most important pieces of the giant Google puzzle. Without it Google won’t even look your way.
  • This is the big secret to ranking your site on Google. With our cutting edge technology, we will build a Branded Social Media network for your business that will with the push of a button broadcast and publish your content instantly to your social media network. This makes it much easier for marketing to your social media.
  • With our networks, you will get a hassle-free asset that will give Google all the right signals and raise your ranking.
  • With your new network you can take advantage of all the different types of Social media marketing.
  • YouTube for video marketing
  • Twitter, Google +, and Blogger are just a few very powerful Domain Authority sites for social media marketing.
  • Ad Words marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Face Book marketing
  • You will accomplish Backlinks from using your network. Backlinks are not as big as they were several years ago, but are still a very intricate part of your ranking.

Combined with your GMB, We can show you how you can use all of these types of marketing to get 10X the customers you have now.