If you want more customers or leads for your business, then you need to be on the first page of Google and Youtube.

As fast as technology is moving, you now have your computer in the palm of your hand. So any time you need something you look it up on Google.

Google announce recently that if your website isn’t mobile compliant, you won’t be indexed. (listed) The next Google change with mobile that will affect your website is coming and it is call “AMP”.

With The marketing industry moving so fast and mobile phones or smart phones is where people go for their information.

If you need a plumber because your pipe broke, you don’t go to the yellow pages. You type in your phone on Google “Plumber” or “Plumbing Service your city.”

If you have a business and you want people to find you, you need to be on the first page of Google. Its not enough to have a website, (that doesn’t rank anywhere).

It doesn’t matter if you are a local, national or international company, if you don’t optimize your site with all of these different components, You will never rank on Google.

If you are tired of your customers landing on your competitors website instead of yours, You need to jump start your website and become compliant with Google suggestions.

We specialize in ranking businesses on the first page.

In order to get on the first page today, you have to have 3 important elements that Google suggests. Without these foundation elements built into your site, you will NEVER rank on Google’s 1st page.

The 3 most important foundation elements required to improve your ranking in Google are:

  • On page optimization,
  • Off Page Optimization,
  • And a Social media network branded and connected to your website.

Most agencies say they can do the first two, (most don’t know what the latest Google requirements and algorithm changes). Almost none of these agencies can tell you how to build a social media network, and they certainly can’t tell you how to build one branded to your business, product, or service and link it to your website.

The first 2 elements are important to your website, but the most important element is the Social Media Network. It’s the number one metric Google uses to rank everyone online! (social engagement). I have cases where the client didn’t have a website but had a social media network, and was able to rank on the first page of Google at will.

Everything we do is “white hat” and Google suggested, but you won’t see it on our competitor’s services because it is on the cutting edge of what Google has recently changed and updated in their algorithms. Most of these so called SEO experts or agency’s are still practicing 3 year old practices that used to work but may get you penalized now.

I can show you privately, proof of how our system works and how fast it works. (Due to nondisclosures with every client, I cannot publicly display.)

I know at this point you have lots of questions, some of those Questions can be answered below in our Q &A section.

Let me go through the three fundamental elements that you must have for your website to rank.

On Page optimization

  • Optimizing all H1SEO titles, as well as H2, H3.[Google says 75% of websites are not optimized]
  • Optimizing all “meta descriptions”
    Making website 100% Mobile compliment.[Google says that no website will be indexed if not Mobile compliant]
  • Fixing any duplicate link errors, (on existing sites)
    Add micro data (required by Google coming soon). [Google says 80% of websites do not have Schema Structured Data]
  • Link social networkto website.[to raise social score]
  • One Branded Social Network, linked to your website or brand
  • Additional On Page optimizationOptimizing all images on website with meta descriptions. Embedding micro data with Geo location, NAP, and website url for greater Search results.


Off Page Optimization

  • One Branded Social Network, linked to your website. A social media network consist of between 15 and 25 social media platforms/accounts, branded with your company, that is a digital asset. This is one of the most important pieces of the giant Google puzzle. Without it Google won’t even look your way.
  • 40 Citationsfor local business
  • 100+ Citationsfor local, National, and international business
  • Back links. Back links are not as big as they were several years ago, but are still a very intricate part of your ranking.
  • Press Releases. Press releases can be very effective with ranking when done properly, and in marketing.

Google score

Google scores everything. Google scores your website, your landing page, and your Ads if you are advertising online. Those are the ones that everyone will recognize, but there are many more we won’t get into here.

We will provide a audit for your website that will show what your score is for your website.

We can also show what your landing pages and your ads are scoring, and raise them up so you will rank higher.


Social Media Network and Social Media Marketing

This is the big secret to ranking your site on Google. With our cutting edge technology, we will build a Branded Social Media network for your business that will with the push of a button broadcast and publish your content instantly to your social media network. This makes it much easier for marketing to your social media.

With our networks you will get a hassel free asset that will give Google all the right signals and raise your ranking.

With your new network you can take advantage of all the different types of Social media marketing.

  • YouTube for video marketing
  • Twitter, Google +, and Blogger are just a few very powerful Domain Authority sites for social media marketing.
  • Ad Words marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Face Book marketing

We can show you how you can use all of these types of marketing to get 10X the customers you have now.